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About GoTralio

At GoTrailo, we simplify everyday trucking and cargo movement. We aspire to re-shape the existing logistics infrastructure in India by means of an automated supply chain platform for everything cargo.

In India logistics primarily for transportation has been of one of the biggest hurdles for shippers, this is mainly on account of supply chain related challenges and existence of a fragmented market. A similar situation also exists in containerized transport owing to inherent complexities and lack of technology bringing transparency to process and cost.

We have an expert team working together to curate solutions and manage exceptions to predict case based solutions.

We have built a seamless platform to bring about transparency and connect shippers and truckers. This enables us to build efficiencies, minimize cost and deliver cargo in a safe and hassle-free manner.

Our Services

Domestic transport

Transport solutions for all types of light and heavy cargo by means of open or closed trucks with real time tracking of shipments from place of origin to destination.

Containerized transport

Transport solutions with all variants of trailers to move light and heavy cargo with real time tracking of shipments from place of origin to destination.

Freight forwarding &
customs clearance

Customized international logistics solutions for transport to and all over from the world. In house team of experts capable of assisting with all regulatory requirements and documentation to ensure smooth clearance of shipments.

Why Choose GoTrailo

Fair pricing

Pan India movement for domestic transport

Easy tracking solutions

Timely fleet scheduling and cargo delivery

On call support

Hassle free end to end management

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